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Published: 16 February 2018
Category | Car Body Repair
Types of car body damage. part 1 photo
In the first of a two-part series, we are looking at the different types of body damage your car might experience. To an untrained observer, different types of car body damage might look the same, but in fact, they can differ greatly. How they differ is important, as this will affect how you go about getting it properly fixed. So to start, here's a look at five of the most common types of damage. 
Published: 14 January 2018
Category | Car Body Repair
5 reasons you should get a 3 stage car body polish photo
Car owners often forget about the importance of polishing, when ideally, they should be purchasing a three-stage polish for their vehicle twice a year. While car enthusiasts can talk for hours on end about the benefits of a quality wax, the three-stage process of car polishing is too frequently overshadowed. In reality, it's actually one of the most advantageous ways of maintaining a car's immaculate appearance. Below are just five of the many reasons you should get a three stage car body polish for your vehicle this year.
Published: 14 December 2017
5 benefits of car window tinting photo
Whether your car of choice is an Audi, a VW, a Mercedes or a Ford, getting a high-quality tint on your windows is a great way to make the most out of your car's sleek and stylish design. Here are 5 positives that come with getting your car windows tinted.
Published: 23 November 2017
Category | Car Body Repair
Alloy wheel refurbishment - what's involved? photo
Whether you've got an Audi, a BMW or a Mercedes, it's important to maintain your car's appearance. Alloy wheel refurbishment can help you do just that.
Published: 17 October 2017
Category | Car Body Repair
Top 4 reasons to have your vehicle regularly serviced photo

For most of us, buying a new or even a good quality used car represents a substantial financial investment. So it's natural for us to want our vehicles to be reliable and perform well for extended periods of time.

Published: 08 September 2017
Category | Car Body Repair
5 tips to help keep your vehicle safe from careless parkers photo
According to research carried out by the RAC, over two-thirds of UK car owners have had their vehicles scratched or dented in public parking areas []. That's £1.4 billion in damages which occur every year in crowded car parks with tight, designated spaces.
Published: 10 August 2017
Category | Car Body Repair
The importance of Regular Car Servicing photo
In order to keep your car in best condition and enjoy a trouble-free driving, it is advised to service it at least once a year or every 10000 miles whichever comes first.
The optimum time for a proper check-up, apart from the usage and distance travelled, should also be determined by looking at other factors such as weather and driving conditions or the age of your car and overall condition of the parts.
Published: 16 April 2017
Why Bumper Repair Is In High Demand photo
Bumper repair has become an important part of car repair services. It is one of the most exposed parts of a vehicle. Bumpers often get damaged more than other parts of the car's body. When something forces you to apply your brake suddenly, a careless driver that didn’t maintain the required distance could just run into you.
Published: 18 March 2017
Category | Car Body Repair
Give Your Ride A Spring Makeover With Car Body Repair photo
Between long nights, cold temperatures, icy roads, and salt, winter is without a doubt a prime season for causing the kind of damage that you will want to get fixed at a car body repair shop. Now that the winter snow has finally melted, if your vehicle has been in an accident or has received some unsightly scratches, scrapes, or dents over the past few months, this spring is the perfect time to look into car body repair services.
Published: 14 February 2017
Customize Your Ride With Car Window Tinting photo
Car window tinting is the perfect way to protect the inside of your car and the driver. Nothing adds more style and sets your vehicle apart from other cars like a custom car window tinting job. Style, curb appeal, sex appeal, a feel of distinction, and safety are all a part of the tint. You get it all with tinted windows.
Published: 09 January 2017
Category | Car Body Repair
Post Car Body Repair Inspection photo
Due to an accident most probably your vehicle had to be towed away to the car pound or a car body repair shop. After repair your vehicle should look as close to pre-accident condition as possible.. But how can you tell that everything has been fixed correctly when the repairs are completed?