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Published: 23 November 2017
Category | Car Body Repair
Alloy wheel refurbishment - what's involved? photo

Whether you've got an Audi, a BMW or a Mercedes, it's important to maintain your car's appearance. Alloy wheel refurbishment can help you do just that. As experienced professionals, we know exactly how to refurbish and restore your alloy wheels so that they look as good as new. To begin with, we remove the tyres from your wheel and strip the wheel of its existing finish. This allows us to fully assess the damage before undertaking any repairs.


Once the stripping is complete, we blast the wheel if necessary to get rid of any remains of the finish. This is also highly beneficial when it comes to removing any corrosion. From then, we'll inspect the wheel for scuffs and general damage, making a note of any repairs that are required. When it comes to deep gashes, we'll fill and sand them, before moving onto the next stage of the repairs.


Once the wheel has a smooth finish, we'll usually apply a base coat using metallic paint. Painting around the wheel in a clockwise motion, we'll start at 6 o'clock, painting from the wheel's centre to the rim. This is the best method to achieve an even coat. It's important at this stage to paint quickly because the paint needs to be wet by the time we get back to the starting point, only then can the paint colour blend together to create a seamless finish you expect from your alloy wheels. We can apply pretty much any paint to your alloys, from silver metallic paint to paint for gloss black alloys, so no matter what type of alloy you have please don't hesitate to get in touch.

A detailed process

Due to the fact the wheels are not simply round and flat, the process can become rather detailed. With the wheels being three dimensional, it takes experience and skill to cover an entire wheel. One major problem people have if they try to repair their alloys themselves is that they'll soon notice the paint starts to run. This is because it will have been applied too thinly in certain areas.

In order to create a smooth finish with no drips and runs, it's recommended to use a professional. Only then will you get the finish you desire.

We offer a complete alloy wheel refurbishment service as well as wheel balancing and alloys respray, so if the alloy wheels on your Ford, VW or any other type of car you may have are looking as if they could benefit from a professional repair, make sure you
contact our team to discuss your needs.