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Car body repairs

At Best Price Garage,we can provide you with excellent car body repairs, whether you're a public or trade customer, or a local business. We specialise in a variety of car body damage, be it a small scratch or dent, a little bumper crack, lacquer peeling off or a major car accident – we can fix it all. We use high spec equipment to conduct all repairs, including the top of the range spray booth (oven),jig, welding machine, spot welder and snap-on computers. Thanks to our inventory of tools, we can perform repairs up to the highest standard..
Our services include:
Over the years of our work, our company has gained a great reputation due to our excellent track record of repairs, resulting in great customer satisfaction. We give it all for every project, doing everything we can to keep our customers satisfied with our service.
We don’t cut any corners – we give it our all for every project.
Scuff repairs

Scuff can not only negatively affect the appearance of your vehicle, but your resale value will surely plummet with it. Rather than completely replace the scuffed area, you’re better off repairing it for a much better price!

Scratch and dent repairs

As you use your car, there’s no escaping the fact that it won’t always look brand new. Scratches and dents can occur at any time, taking a toll on the appearance of your car. We can take care of all those scratches and dents and make your car look good as new!

Bumper repairs

Your bumper can see a lot of wear, tear and rust, and that can seriously hurt the look of your car. Not only that, should you resell it, it’s sure to bring down the value of your vehicle, while replacing it is a pricy undertaking. Let us take care of it for you instead!

Single panel repairs

If only a part of your car is damaged, you may want only a single panel repair. We will take care of the damage done to your panels quick and easy, leaving your car looking sparkling and new without a large repair job.

Alloy wheel refurbishment

With our technologically advanced tools, we can bring the lustre back to your old alloy wheel. As wheels are quick to get dirty or damaged, we take special care of the wheels to make them sparkling and new for you!

3-stage car body polish

Give your car that sheen that you haven’t seen since the day you bought it. Our 3-stage car body polish routine will bring back the lustre to your dusty car, making it look good as new!

Full accident repairs

Accidents happen – and we all have to deal with their consequences. For all the damage caused to your car in a traffic accident, we have a solution. Bring your car to us and we’ll fix it right up!

Restorations and modifications

Whether you want to implement minor restorations for specific parts of your car or modify any part to your liking, we possess the tools and expertise to make it quick, cheap, and effective.

Body kitts fitted

Getting a body kit for your car is one thing, but applying it is another. With our expertise and dedicated tools, we can help fit the body kit to your car for a great price, leaving you satisfied and your car with the kit you desire.

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