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Scratch and dent repairs

A scratch on your vehicle can be a heartbreaking thing to look at. And no matter how much you care for your vehicle, the chance that it will become scratched one time or another is simply unavoidable. At Best Price Garage, we can show you that not only is removing those scratches possible, it can be done fast and not cost you an arm and a leg.
No matter how deep the scratch, you can count on us to have your car nice and smooth in no time at all. We handle surface-level "spider web" scratches, swirl marks, as well as any deeper gashes that go far below the paint layer. Our scratch repair services involve the use of specialised equipment and paint blending which allows us to deal with the problem from within. Before you know it, the scratch will be gone, and your car will be completely restored to its former glory and factory sheen. Your car can look glamorous once again, and its value can go back high where it belongs, and you won't waste a lot of money on it too.
Accidents can happen at any time, and even if they're not serious, it is almost certain that your car will sustain a dent. This can be detrimental to its looks, as well as decrease its resale value. Luckily, thanks to our technicians at Best Price Garage, you can count on an effective, cost-efficient dent removal service.
Thanks to our advanced techniques and materials used, our technicians can restore any damaged area of the car into its original position without damaging the paint, resulting in a car that looks as if it came straight from the factory, while you only pay as much as for a repair rather than a replacement. With little risk and cost on your end, we can restore the looks and the value of your car. No matter how light or severe the dent in your car, we have just the right methods to handle them all. With our help, your car can be back into shape in no time at all.