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Published: 14 January 2018
Category | Car Body Repair
5 reasons you should get a 3 stage car body polish photo


Car owners often forget about the importance of polishing, when ideally, they should be purchasing a three-stage polish for their vehicle twice a year. While car enthusiasts can talk for hours on end about the benefits of a quality wax, the three-stage process of car polishing is too frequently overshadowed. In reality, it's actually one of the most advantageous ways of maintaining a car's immaculate appearance. Below are just five of the many reasons you should get a three stage car body polish for your vehicle this year.

1. Avoid a hazy paint finish

There really is nothing worse than sealing in a neglected paint finish that's oxidised, covered in swirl marks and water spotting. With a quality three stage body polish, you can drive around with a car that looks as if it's come straight out of a new car lot.

2. Elongate the life of your car's ceramic coating

Even the ultra-protective ceramic coatings seen in modern cars suffer over time. The finish will be sealed for at least a few years and it should, therefore, be maintained to a high standard with a quality polish. With a three-stage body polish, you can ensure that the ceramic coating on your vehicle lasts longer.

3. Remove aged paint

While some car owners think that simply getting a wax is the right way to maintain a car's paint job, the service fails to address the issues occurring under the surface. With a full body polish, you can get aged paint removed from your vehicle, restoring the gloss and depth of your car's paint job. Once the old paint has been removed from your car, you'll be left with the perfect surface for a wax coat.

4. Avoid buffer trails and stone chips

Serious marks caused by stone chips and buffer trails can make what was once a gorgeous paint job look cheap and neglected. With a three-stage polish, you can have all of these marks removed, so you're left with the stunning car you paid for.

5. Save time and money

Paying out to maintain your car's paint job today can save you money spent on expensive repairs in the long run. Why not save yourself some time and energy and drop your car in for a three-stage car body polish with the professionals at Best Price Garage? We promise you won't be disappointed.

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