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Published: 10 August 2017
Category | Car Body Repair
The importance of Regular Car Servicing photo
In order to keep your car in best condition and enjoy a trouble-free driving, it is advisable to service it at least once a year or after 12000 miles, whichever comes first.
An optimum time for a proper check-up, apart from the usage and distance travelled, should also be determined by looking at other factors such as weather and driving conditions or the age of your car and overall condition of the parts.

Most of us, have to admit, have mechanical skills close to zero when it comes to automotive diagnostics. We would never tell if there is anything wrong with the car’s engine as the problem is usually out of sight. The false sense of security makes us believe our car is in perfectly working condition because we haven’t noticed any major issues while driving.

It is crucial to identify any issues early enough to avoid costly repairs later. With car’s engine being usually the most expensive component of a vehicle, it is very important to let a professional have a look at it at least once every year. 

If you are a heavy user, it is good to change the engine oil every six months, this way you ensure engine parts are properly lubricated and run smoothly. Having your tires pressure checked can save you a few pounds, too, as under-inflated wheels increase rolling-resistance and consume more fuel. It will also improve your car’s efficiency.

In short, the whole idea of a regular car servicing and maintenance is to prevent any unexpected breakdowns, but also to improve the vehicle’s life span and maintain its value.

We offer Basic, Full and Custom Car Service in our London garage. In order to meet your requirements our experienced technicians and mechanics only use parts, oils and fluids that match the original manufacturer’s equipment and quality standards.

During the full service we check:

- Interior , including seat belts, service lights, instruments and gauges, screen wipers and air con system

- Exterior, including the operation and condition of all lamps and lights, doors, boot and mirrors

- Under the Bonnet incl. oil and oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and pollen filter, battery and electrics, break pipes and hoses etc.

- Under the Car, incl. break checks and pipes and hoses inspection, check fuel pipes, exhaust system, engine and gearbox leaks etc.

- Suspension and Wheels Alignment check including suspension components, bushes and full tyre inspection

- Oils and fluids drain and refill if necessary.

If you need to have your car serviced, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 041 9680 to book your appointment. We deliver great value for money and a first-class customer service.