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Published: 16 April 2017
Why Bumper Repair Is In High Demand photo
Bumper repair has become an important part of car repair services. It is one of the most exposed parts of a vehicle. Bumpers often get damaged more than the front bumper. When something forces you to apply your brake suddenly, a careless driver that didn’t maintain the required distance could just run into you.

According to a recent statistics, over 1.5 million rear-end collisions occur in the United Kingdom annually on the average. Another common cause of bumper damage is mistakenly reversing into a pole or any other structure. This can be embarrassing but the rear view mirror cannot show everything.

You could also just come back to find your bumper damaged by a careless hit-and-run driver. These are all the common causes of bumper damage and they all lead to bumper repair. While there are several auto repair shops, only very few of them are fantastic with bumpers. So, choosing a bumper specialist can be a little difficult.

It is better to seek references from friends, colleagues and family. If any of them has had his car bumper fixed perfectly, they should point you in the right direction. If that does not work out, you could throw it up on online forums and a few contacts should pop up.

Since prevention is always better and cheaper than cure, some important tips on how to avoid bumper damage have been outlined below.

Find empty areas and corner spaces
Most bumper damage happens when the car is parked. Poor visibility and careless or distracted drivers can hit you and run off. This is why you should park your car where other vehicles won’t be passing through. It is better to park it further away from parking lots so that drivers that are trying to maneuver will not hit you in the process.

Empty spaces and corners are your best bet. At the same time, you should not park your car where there is no security just because you want to avoid a bumper dent.

Parallel parking
This tip is still a subject of debate. Most drivers avoid parallel parking so when you do, the chances of having your bumper dented by another car will be reduced. However, critics believe that this will increase your own chances of mistakenly hitting either your rear bumper or front bumper.

Install a rear view camera
Your rear view mirror can only show larger or taller objects. They can’t show smaller objects like potholes, curbs or even sport bikes. It is only a rear view camera that can give you all the necessary views for you to reverse properly. So, it is highly recommendable to install it in your vehicle. It will save you the cost of frequent bumper fixing.

Avoid cart return areas
Although carts cannot cause a dent on your bumper, they can give it annoying scratches. So when you are in a supermarket, you should avoid cart return areas as some shoppers are quite careless. They will not carefully push their carts to their car and return them carefully after offloading them. They often accidentally scratch car bumpers with their carts.