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Published: 08 May 2018
The 5 most common types of car bumper damage photo
It seems that far too few car owners give their bumpers enough credit. They are there to take the brunt of any damage your car might suffer and tend to see a lot more punishment than your lovely car bodywork. Here’s a quick look at the five most common types of car bumper damage you might notice over time. 
1. Scrapes and scratches
Scrapes and scratches appear whenever your car’s bumper rubs against a sharp object. As your bumper sticks out further than other parts of your car, these are incredibly common. Many car owners tend to ignore the odd scratch here and there as they are to be expected.
2. Dents
You'll notice a dent in your car bumper if it has been hit by something. Dents are, once again, quite common and they can range in severity. Minor dents are hard to spot and only appear in certain light conditions, whereas larger dents can easily lead to the following:
3. Cracks
Your bumper will be cracked if it has come into extremely hard impact with another object. Perhaps a car failed to brake quickly enough and hit the back of you, or maybe you reversed a bit hard into something. Either way, this will require professional help.
4. Bends
It is possible that the bumper of your car will bend, and the cause is similar to that of a crack. Hopefully, the bend is limited only to the bumper and not to other parts of your car’s bodywork. This will make fixing the issue much quicker and more affordable.
5. Rusted and faded paint
Over time, it’s natural for the paintwork on any part of your car to rust or fade, especially if it’s left out to the elements a lot. To help avoid this, we’d recommend keeping your car under some sort of shelter for most of the day. Be sure to clean the car, and especially the bumper, regularly.
It’s time to start taking better care of your bumper! So next, we recommend heading over to and reading this article on the easiest ways to repair damage to your car’s bumper. Or, if you’re looking for some more professional assistance, then we’re here to help. Just get in contact and request a quick and simple quote, today. Our number is 02070419680.