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Published: 09 January 2017
Category | Car Body Repair
Post Car Body Repair Inspection photo
Due to an accident most probably your vehicle had to be towed away to the car pound or a car body repair shop. After repair your vehicle should look as close to pre-accident condition as possible.. But how can you tell that everything has been fixed correctly when the repairs are completed?

This is a delicate situation. Firstly it is crucial to work with a reliable car body repair shop. Secondly, you still have to inspect the work before driving your car away. To have a better understanding of what to look out for, below are some tips.

Have a Clear Understanding Before Giving your Car for Repairs
The process of giving your car away for repairs starts when it is sent to the car repair shop. You have to be clear regarding what the shop will fix and how the work will be done. You can ask to put everything in writing. Inquire about the shop's warranty. When you return, look up the paperwork again to confirm that they did the repairs accordingly.

Make Sure your Vehicle is Clean
Appearances matter very much. Before you get your vehicle, it should have been vacuumed, washed, and thoroughly cleaned. There shouldn't be any dirt or dust in it or old parts inside your trunk. Make sure the engine is washed before taking your car keys.

Do a Closer Inspection
Take a closer look at the part of the car that was repaired. Look out for gaps in between body panels. If these gaps appear uneven, that's a sign that the panels are not aligned correctly. Make sure your doors open and close in the right way with good alignment.

If the damage was at the front-end of your car, it could be difficult to repair perfectly. One way to tell if there is a problem is to compare the distance between your tires and fender. If the distance is wider on one side and/or narrow on the other, then it is a sign that something was not fixed properly. Turn on your headlights to make sure the light beams are well aligned.

Get a Second Opinion
If you are worried that the repair was not done correctly and you want someone else besides the original car body repair shop to verify it, get a second opinion. A second professional can spot any underlying problems that an ordinary consumer can't.

Matching Colors and Consistency
If possible, check the car's appearance in sunlight to ensure that the new paint is in line with the car's original color and finish. If the car body repair shop repainted some panels, look at the side of your car for color consistency. Examine the paint for imperfections like specks of trapped dirt in the finishing.

Bottom Line
Inspecting your vehicle following repairs by a reputable car body repair shop may prove challenging at first glance. However, adhering to the above recommendations will make the entire process much easier and in the end everyone goes home happy.