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Testing & diagonstics

We're usually satisfied with how cars run until they break down on us. Many things can lead to that, and it may seem that some of them we just can't see coming. But by regular maintenance, testing and diagnostics, we can figure out what is wrong with your car, even before it starts making problems!
Always pay attention to the warning lights displayed on your dashboard -should one of them light up, that may indicate a potential problem brewing in your engine. In order to avoid larger complications, we advise you to give your engine a diagnostic check should that occur.
Still, with increasing technological advances, cars are becoming more and more complex, with more intricate systems located in them, thus more types of advanced diagnostics becoming required for the proper functioning of your car.
At Best Price Garage, we boast a team of expert technicians, possessing years of experience in the field, along with specialised knowledge and cutting edge equipment that allow them to test and diagnose your car for any type of problem.
Mechanical service

For all your mechanical issues, be it a scratch or dent, Best Price Garage is here for you!

Electrical repairs

No matter if it's your electric window or radio, if an electrical appliance in your car is broken, we'll fix it!

Testing & diagnostics

You need your car to be in top shape all the time - let us run a few tests to see if anything needs tweaking!

Air conditioning recharge & servicing

Air conditioning is now an indispensable element of your vehicle, especially in warmer months. We can take care of it for you!