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Advantages of window tinting

Window tinting is becoming increasingly common among car owners. It’s really hard to deny the advantages this has to offer. Whether you’re doing it to keep up with the latest trends or are simply concerned about the safety of your children – or both! – there’s really no wrong reason for tinting your windows. Here are just a few advantages of window tinting to give you a taste of why this procedure is definitely worth your time and money.
Adding more shade to your window carries the obvious effect of lowering the overall temperature in your car – especially in the hot summer months – by up to 46%. Not only does it make driving easier for you and all your passengers, but it also helps your vehicle cool quicker, placing less strain on air conditioning units.
UV ray protection
The sun is pretty great, as we probably wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for the benefits its rays carry. However, a large chunk of those rays can actually be very harmful to our health, and to the state of your car. UV rays combined with solar heat can cause the interior upholstery of your car to fade, as well as ruining the plastics inside. Tinted windows can filter out up to 99% of these rays, causing both your family to stay healthier, and your car to serve you for a longer time.
As car windows are made from tempered glass, it shatters to pieces in the event that it breaks. Window film actually helps prevent that by keeping the glass together, meaning fewer rogue pieces of sharp glass can hurt you or your loved ones in the event of an accident. If you want a film applied but are not wild about the tinting, most professional companies also offer clear film for you so that you can stay safe regardless.
Anything left in your car, if visible, can be a potential lure for any crook to break in and steal it. Tinted windows help you prevent that by simply making everything inside the car less visible to onlookers. The film on the glass also keeps the glass together longer, as mentioned in the previous point, so breaking into the car would take more time, and thieves usually abandon tasks that take too much time and effort.
Glare reduction
Tinted glass is a great solution for all your passengers who like to pass their time on the road with any portable gaming devices, as the pesky rays of the sun have been known to interfere with that. Additionally, we can add a strip on top of your window to keep some of the rays from your eyes as you drive, while remaining within the legal regulations.
A stylish look
For some, all of the above arguments may be just additional fluff, as the greatest benefit they see in tinted windows is their distinct look. Few things look as cool and dignified as a car with tinted windows.
More privacy
With tinted windows, you can even change in your car if you need to do so – for all onlookers, your windows are opaque, so they can’t look inside even if you can see everything going on outside.
We are a car window tinting company that is using top quality films fitted by fully trained and insured professionals. We are tinting cars since 2005. We are proud to have 100% customer satisfaction level.

All our work is covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. All this means that your car is safe in our hands giving you peace of mind and assuring you that your car will look great.